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Sweet and savoury buns cinnamon roll logo



Hand-crafted sweet and savoury spiral buns, inspired by cinnamon rolls.

Our Product

Each one of our buns is created uniquely by hand with love. We offer four delicious assorted flavours of sweet and savoury spiral buns available in a pre-packaged box of 4.

Sweet n’ Savoury Buns is a product-based business entrepreneurship initiative developed by a group of passionate bake students from Humber College’s Bake & Pastry Arts Management program. The bakers at S’n’S specializes in handcrafting delicious and flavourful buns inspired by cinnamon rolls.

The Team

Aspiring, passionate bakers.
What bonds us together? We all share a love and enthusiasm for pastry and baking.

Baking & Entrepreneurship

Our heavenly Sweet n’ Savoury buns are lovingly made in-house within our Baking and Pastry Arts Management program at Humber College. This program encourages us to conjure up our own self-created treats and share them with you. Together with students of the Digital Business Management & Fashion Management program we work closely together to showcase our baking process and delicious buns to you!