S’n’S Buns Collab: A Sweet Cross-Program Experience to Remember

A Treat to Experience

A Sweet Cross-program Collaboration

Who doesn’t enjoy a good dessert? Have you ever tried a tasty baked treat you couldn’t get enough of? Well, our project will deliver tasty treats to satisfy your sweet and savoury cravings!

As students of the Web Development 2504 class, we collaborated with students of the Bake Management and Entrepreneurship 253 class to spearhead the ultimate BAKE project. This project empowered the bake students to create their own businesses along with a website to sell their products to the Humber College populace and persons within the GTA area. As web development students, we were responsible for creating a captivating informative website for our bake team clients Sweet n’ Savoury Buns (S’n’S), to help them market not only their delicious product but themselves as well.

The Team & Product

Perhaps you are wondering what products the baking team will develop and sell? They have developed a tasty assortment of sweet and savoury buns to satisfy your taste buds!

Our amazing baking clients included:

  • Chantel Oziel (Team Lead)
  • Alida Lio
  • Emma Kilgannon
  • Zoe Vallejos
  • Sadaf Abedini

Meet the Bakers!

Our web development team consisted of:

  • Shanice Williams (Team Lead)
  • Jeneen Richards
  • Aryan Sanjay Sabherwal
  • Simone Altunkaynak
  • Scott Hlodan
  • Alexandra Ferreira

Meet the Web Developers!

Website Development Phases

In order for this project to be successful, there were many activities and coordination involved in delivering a captivating website to our baking clients. The three main phases of our website development project included: discovery, design and development. During each stage, both teams worked assiduously to ensure that the finished results were according to expectations.

Phase 1: Discovery

During this phase, our main objective was to understand our clients, their business idea, and their product. It was also crucial for us to understand their requirements and expectations for the website. To meet this objective, questions were formulated and posed to the baking team to ascertain the design, style, and functionality of the website. A proposal was then created and sent to our clients to clarify their needs and deliverables.

discovery meeting
Web Developers Discovery Call with the Bake Team

Phase 2: Design

During this phase, we were able to envision how the website will appear and function for our client. Thus, we examined three main WordPress themes, identifying the pros and cons to make a choice. Canape was selected as it not only met the needs of our client but also looked appealing. Canape met our clients’ need for functionality and aligned with their visual preferences.

Phase 3: Development & Implementation

Our main goal for this stage was to complete the website keeping in mind our clients’ requirements and needs. Members of the development team worked together to ensure that this process was smooth sailing and successful. This included creating the navigation menu, footer, and relevant pages to make our website user-friendly and easy to navigate. Last but not least, we were given the opportunity to give a presentation about the final product to the baking team and officially hand over the website. 

The Baking Process

On April 6, 2022, our baking clients were busy creating sweet and savoury treats in the kitchen at Humber College North Campus. Moist and hand-crafted Sweet and Savoury buns were successfully prepared and baked by our clients. The unique assortment of flavours available includes S’mores, Chocolate Strawberry, Pizza-Pepperoni, and Roasted Garlic Rosemary, pre-packaged in a box of 4 and ready for sale.

Craving some sweet treats? Check out the Sweet n’ Savoury Menu!

Sweet Testimonials from the Web Development Team

“It was such a pleasure collaborating with the S’n’S bake team to help them bring their website to life! From the start, I knew our teams would work well. The team always presented materials and responded in a timely manner from the start. Super grateful for both the S’n’S team and my digi team. Wishing the bakers all the best in their journey!”

– Shanice Williams, Team Lead

“Working with the S’n’S team was a fun and collaborative experience. Everyone was very helpful and engaging throughout the process, and communication was seamless. It was great to meet and work with such talented and creative bakers!”

– Alexandra Ferreira

“The bake team was always on time with our content requests and were concise when describing their vision for the website. Thanks for being a great client and delivering us tasty food as well.”

– Scott Hlodan

“From the beginning, working with the bake team has been a fun-filled learning experience. An extremely talented and creative ‘batch’ :)”

– Aryan Sanjay Sabherwal

“Working together with the S’n’S Bake team was really exciting and actually fun! The bakers had a clear vision and goal which made it really convenient for us to corporate with them. I wish the bake team the best o luck with their baking business! “

– Simone Altunkaynak

“Collaborating with the S’n’S team was not only fun but a great learning experience. From the beginning, the bake team had a clear vision of their product and expectations for their business, which made completing the project smooth sailing. It was a great opportunity working with such an amazing team!”

– Jeneen Richards

The Tasting Process

On April 7, 2022, our team had the opportunity to taste these delicious products. The S’n’S buns were not only moist but decadent and flavourful. We are really impresses by our clients making such amazing products for us and customers to try.


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